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Existing Projects that help refugees

First project:

  1. Name of the APP: Welcome APP available on android, IOS,
  2. You can find info about traffic, authoroties,
  3. living prototype
  4. We are working on the german version
  5. Addresses
  6. info about asalym systrem
  7. what to do when I come to Germany, how the procedure look like
  8. Dailylife in Germany
  9. It's translated into 3 languages german, english , arabic and french would be next.
  10. The main work of content and it should be mainained to run the app for the next 3 years
  11. we want to work with translators
  12. any feedback would be helpful

Every day new refugees come to us from regions of war and crisis. These people not only fled from their home countries, but often also had to leave behind family members. To welcome and integrate them into society depends on all of us. But what kind of help is needed?

HelpTo brings together refugees, initiatives, dedicated citizens, organisations, companies and municipalities. Whether it is material donations, donations of your spare time, voluntary help or work and accommodation opportunities.

HelpTo is a non-profit project which is run by Neues Potsdamer Toleranzedikt e.V. The project is financed by donations, membership fees, contracts of cooperation and sponsorship (municipalities, federal state, trusts).

HelpTo is free of charge and available to everybody. To ensure this, we need your help. Become a supporter to help HelpTo! Alternatively you can support us with a donation. You like to contribute with your organisation in another way? Contact us at

Main Site: City Sites:


Support via language to create a community. Support platform I want to volunteer, I have language skills or other things Network within the refugees and germans within langauge Time, Skills, location and we match you It should work on every mobile


Information, services, translate in Arabic so people can find it easily and use it. name, address, time. Ask someone to go with you. Then you can easily ask someone to help you. Next month this will be launched in berlin. If there are inititave then we would be happy to Syrians coming to here, we find it hard to get the information. Collect info on this app, I want to go to a doctor for example. once you get the source of info, it's easy to find the help. first phase would be implemented in berlin. then we will go to other places in germany, then we need to have not just in arabic but also in toher languages like english. Contact:

Project A


Website: refugees will have a voucher to get stuff they want. Vouchers, this could scale to all EU WASLCHIRAA

Network of organisations that are working to help refugees A map that will see who is helping, or who wants to help. We are looking for drupal developers.

Collecting all org working in Dresden. We want to collect events concerning asylum and migration. We have implemented a market place where people can put their private offers. Refugee can put, I need someone with em to go tot he asylum centre. The website is available in 10 languages. We want to expand to all Germany. Donate to refugees. 13 languages avaiable. You can add an offering and pictures on it. We made an apointment finder. The donator can send possible dates and it goes then back and forth. we started developing in may 2015 and we are up and runing in leipzig and right now we started in munich. 230 donators and 150 offerings. we want to spread it to whole germany. looking for drupal developers

Deutsches Grundgesetz Arabisch

On you can find and sign up for a shift for helping new-comers within a few clicks.

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